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Planning for a move requires a lot of time and effort but the more organized you are, the easier the whole process will be for everyone involved. Gathering the proper supplies and learning how to pack your belongings will ensure that your items make it to your new destination without damage. Use these tips to make your Miramar moving day as stress free as it can possibly be.

Purchasing new boxes for your move is a worthwhile investment. Gathering used boxes discarded by local retailers may be tempting because it does no cost anything but it can actually makes things more difficult. Grocery store boxes may be harboring insects that you will inadvertently move to your new location. Even a box used only once will lose some of its structural integrity. It may collapse during your move and damage the contents.

You can find affordable boxes made specifically for moving at any big box store or local storage unit facility. These will offer the best protection for your precious possessions. You will not have to worry about fragile items being broken in transit.

The other problem with gathering boxes from multiple sources is you end up with boxes of all different sizes. This makes it difficult to load the truck efficiently and maximize the space available. You will end up with gaps that may cause the boxes to shift during the move. This will also cause damage to your items.

Start packing several weeks before your move. Start with seasonal items you have stored in the attic, garage, and basement and anything else you do not use on a daily basis. Pack one or two boxes a day. Leaving everything until the last minute will make the job overwhelming. This will cause you to be careless in your packing.

Buy several rolls of packing tape to seal the boxes. Do not use duct tape, masking tape, or any other type of tape made for other purposes. Double tape the bottom of each box to prevent items from falling through when you pick the boxes up to load the van.

Label each box clearly on each side and the top with the room it belongs in and a one or two word description of the contents. This will make it easy to distribute the boxes to the proper location upon arrival at your destination. You will also save time looking for specific items when you unpack.

Pack books and other heavy items in small boxes to make them more manageable. Pack the heaviest items on the bottom with lighter items on top. Wrap fragile items in newsprint or bubble wrap and use foam chips to fill any gaps. Use cardboard dividers when packing dishes and glasses for additional protection against breakage.

Follow these packing tips to make your move hassle free. Taking the time necessary to pack your belongings properly will ensure they arrive at your destination in good condition. With careful planning, you can eliminate much of the stress involved with relocation.

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