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Relocation is expensive enough. The additional fees movers charge for various tasks and unexpected circumstances can make it even more expensive. Making sure you know about all those charges in advance can help minimize your Homestead moving day expenses.

Accessorial charges are additional fees that do not fall under any of the regular categories listed on the estimate. These may include additional pick-ups or drop-offs at a storage facility, packing or unpacking, and disassembling furniture. Avoid these charges by assembling all your possessions in one location and being ready to go when the movers arrive.

Some movers will charge appliance service fees if they have to prepare major appliances for the move. This includes refrigerators, dishwashers, and clothes washers and dryers. If the mover is not qualified to handle such preparations, you may have to hire a separate company to do this for you.

Movers charge hourly auxiliary service fees if they cannot park the van close enough to your home to transfer your belongings directly to it. The company will need to load your items onto a smaller truck and then transfer them to a larger van. Make sure the truck has ample space to park and nothing is blocking access to avoid these charges.

If you are relocating to or from an apartment or condo on an upper floor, make sure you let the mover know in advance that goods will have to be transported by elevator. Using an elevator takes extra time and effort. Depending on whether the company is charging you a flat rate or an hourly fee, you may face additional charges.

The company may charge an additional fee to guarantee the date of arrival at your new home. You may be able to save money by being flexible on your move in date. Pack and transport essential items with you, so you can get by a few days or a couple of weeks without the rest of your possessions.

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