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Most people will agree that relocating to a new home is among the most stressful things they have to do. Packing your belongings, hiring a professional mover, and making sure everything is ready for your arrival at your new home takes a lot of time and careful planning. Creating an effective timeline for your Hollywood moving day and checking each item off as you go can help ensure that everything goes according to your plan.

Start organizing the move eight weeks before your move date by setting up a notebook and file folder where you can keep all your notes and receipts. This is a great time to sort through your belongings. Discard, donate, or sell anything you do not need or have not used for a long time to make packing easier. There is no need to spend money on moving things you no longer need.

This is the best time to start researching local moving companies so you will not feel rushed. Ask family members, friends, and business associates for personal references. You will need to obtain estimates from at least three companies to make the best decision. Allow yourself a couple of weeks to find and book a moving company.

Start gathering supplies approximately seven weeks before you move. You will need to make sure you have plenty of boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and markers. This is a good time to have a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items while making some money to offset some of your moving expenses.

With one month to go, start packing seasonal items that are in storage and any other nonessential items. Double tape the bottom of all boxes and label them clearly. Notify the utilities companies at your current location and arrange to have utilities turned on in your new location. If you are renting, notify your landlord.

Three weeks before your move date, call your insurance company to arrange to transfer your car and home insurance to your new location. Take your car to a qualified mechanic for an inspection and arrange for any necessary service. Plan your meals for the remaining three weeks so you use up any food stored in your pantry and freezer.

Start packing up everything else with two weeks to go. Set aside a few boxes for all the things you still need between then and the date of the move. Pack any valuables separately so you can move them yourself. Arrange to have your house cleaned and dispose of any propane, paint, chemicals, and any other items the mover will not transport.

Confirm the time and date of your move with the moving company one week ahead of time. Pack boxes with the essential items you will need to have access to right away when you arrive at your new home. Clean out the refrigerator and defrost the freezer the day before your move. Creating a timeline and sticking to it is the best way to make your move as stress free as it can possibly be.

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